Arts Empowerment

# Give the gift of healing through art. Donate today.

House of Hope students suffer from high levels of toxic stress caused by poverty, military violence, and the ongoing traumas of the Occupation.  Research shows that making art reduces their stress, increases learning aptitude, and nurtures emotional development. We see this every day in the creative joy of our students. We invite you to help us build art studio space where children can use their imagination to create, to heal, to learn, and to grow.

Donate today to help us raise $15,000 to support arts empowerment for the children and women of House of Hope.

With your help, we will invest in Waldorf-inspired art making tools and materials and create vibrant spaces for art marking at House of Hope. 

Your gift will BUILD:
● a woodworking studio,
● a ceramics studio,
● a textiles studio,
● a painting studio.

House of Hope art making will also instill pride in student’s Palestinian heritage, as they will be encouraged to express their  identity through art. 

As always, we at House of Hope move and grow in community. Fostering the education of our students goes hand in hand with growing the capacity of our teachers and leaders. Your donation also invests in an art-based job training and microbusiness recently launched by House of Hope’s all female teaching staff.

With your help, we will invest in our House of Hope teachers to expand their training and provide holistic education for our students. As we work in partnership with leaders in the movement for Waldorf education, we will implement monthly training to empower our leaders and broaden their capacity. 

Your gift will TEACH:
● creative expression in a safe environment that fosters healing,
● experiential learning as students use their hands to create,
● healthy expression of emotion,
● active learning that prepares students to engage in broader educational experiences.

Together, we imagine a vibrant space where our students can fully and freely explore their potential. With you, we envision a community of leaders with access to training and opportunities that develop their full capacity.

Join us to bring our imagination to reality.