Music Heals

# Help us raise $15,000 for more music education for House of Hope students!

Music is at the heart of a House of Hope education.

And its impact is reflected in our Palestinian students' vibrancy, intelligence, and confidence. When we see something that works, we want to keep it going and growing. To do that, we need you. 

Will you help us raise $15,000 for more music education for our students? 

After a few weeks of memorizing a poem for a class lesson, he could not remember it,” said Manar Wahhab Vogsguerichian, Waldorf Director of House of Hope, about one of our young students. “Reciting a spoken poem was not his way of learning, so I told him—sing it. And, he did. He changed a poem to a song and remembered every word.” 

Music activates learning and enables healing.

And we need your help to expand the music program at House of Hope.

For every dollar you give, 30 cents will go toward purchasing new instruments, and 70 cents will directly fund the salary of our music teachers.

Your gifts help remove any barriers created by trauma that hinder the potential that lies within our students

So that the story they write is one about liberation, and the song they sing echoes the joy and the promise that we see within them every day. 

Thank you for your support of House of Hope—past, present and future.  We can only do this together, with you. Thank you!