# Expand your heart. Enrich your life.

Expand your heart. Enrich your life.

Come to El Azariyah and change the life of a young Palestinian child. International volunteers and interns, and the energy and optimism that they bring are a critical part of House of Hope’s life-giving work.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways that volunteers can participate

  • lead music, dance or art therapy sessions
  • create activities around themes like non-violence, healthy communication, and self-esteem
  • deliver speech or occupational therapy
  • teach English
  • lead computer skills or other vocational skills workshops with local women
  • capture House of Hope in action with filmmaking or photography
  • (stateside or in Palestine) strengthen organizational visibility and capacity with grant writing, graphic design, administrative work, and other computer-based support
  • another special skill or volunteer idea not listed above


Youth volunteer and internship opportunities are open to everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, or nationality. What matters is a passion for making a difference in the lives of Palestinian children and women.

The right candidates have the following attributes:

  • Self Motivated and Proactive– A team worker who needs light to moderate daily direction; can self-motivate and identify opportunities to support the school.
  • Culturally Sensitive- A socially aware traveler who has a desire to understand conservative Muslim Palestinian culture that values modest dress.
  • Playful and Engaged- A fun-loving person who loves to play and talk with children; empathetic to children experiencing trauma and eager to give children loving support and encouragement.
  • Team Oriented and Open- An capable communicator who works well in a collaborative team environment; takes advice when needed on navigating the West Bank and observing cultural sensitivity.
  • Committed and Accountable- A responsible person who will follow through on commitments made to House of Hope students.


International volunteers and interns are invited to join House of Hope throughout the year for various lengths of stay ranging from several days to six weeks. 

House of Hope is open year-round. The elementary school is open during two school semesters: fall, beginning in September, which is followed by the spring semester that concludes in May. House of Hope also operates a summer school from June – August.

Fees & Accommodation

The House of Hope volunteer fee covers room and partial board, and is $300/week for a shared room or $400/week for a private room. Volunteers stay at the Lazarus Guest House in Al Eizariya, where private and shared bedrooms are available, daily Palestinian breakfasts, shared bathroom, and wifi. The volunteer and internship application fee is $30 which helps cover administrative program costs. To apply, please email: info@supportinghouseofhope.org


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