What Does Peace and Justice Look Like to Me?

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At House of Hope, every Palestinian child has a different story of growing up under Occupation. But one thing is always present in each of their stories—the resilient hope for peace, joy, and prosperity for their families, their community, and the world.

House of Hope was thrilled to partner with Color Up Peace, a Ukrainian peacebuilding startup, to capture our teachers' hope for peace in new and interactive ways- like coloring books of their visions for peace. House of Hope teachers selected photos that represented their vision of peace. Then, Lisa Glybchenko, founder of Color Up Peace, rendered these photo-based visions of peace as coloring pages for you to color!

Below, you are invited to read what inspired each teacher to select their photo, as well as download the corresponding coloring page.

“Playing the Darbukah with Friends,” Selected by House of Hope Teacher's Aide Abed

"I feel freedom and inner peace when my fingers play darbukah. I feel my spirit so happy when I hear music. It is the way to seek peace when the universe dances together and sings for peace day and night."- Abed

Download Abed's coloring page vision for peace and justice here.


“Palestinian Girl Viewing the Sea,” selected by House of Hope Education Director Manar Wahhab

"In this photo, my daughter Narineh is on a rare trip to the Mediterranean Sea. We are Palestinians living in the West Bank and are rarely allowed to go to the sea. We dream of the sea. We dream of a time when we can move freely and enjoy simple things like trips to the ocean or even just to nearby villages without military checkpoints. This is what peace and justice would look like to us"- Manar

Download Manar's coloring book vision for peace and justice here.


“We Need Peace Like We Need the Morning Sun,” selected by House of Hope Kindergarten Director Zain Mohsen

"In this photo, I am with my mother and the sun. There is no hate in peace. Freedom is like the sun, and peace is like a mom. We can't live without them. We need to think of peace to achieve freedom of mind, soul, and spirit. We pray for peace and freedom all the time until Palestine is free."- Zain

Download Zain's coloring book vision for peace and justice here.

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