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Dear Beloved Community,

It seems hate is everywhere. Yesterday, we had a storm of settlers in all the streets of the West Bank, attacking houses and burning cars, vans, trucks, and even houses. 

It seems this war that the USA supports is more than dismantling Hamas weapons. It honestly is a massacre against humanity, bombing hospitals, schools, mosques, and churches and using starvation and dehumanization of the innocent as a tool of punishment.

This war will not lead anywhere. It is more than building walls of hate for centuries and decades between two nations. 

Palestinians need freedom and not tanks and an army against them. Palestinians demand dignity and human rights. They need a state of their own, not an occupation party ruling and organizing their life. 

We need the world to see us as humans. 

We pray for peace always. 

We pray that the two nations will live in security and equality 

We pray for the lost souls in this war 

We pray for peace and no evil and darkness in the Middle East. 

I hope we keep the faith in this brutal struggle. We hope my eyes will see freedom, not people with big guns in front of my kids while we want to breathe and hike. We feel it is the end of the world here, and we are forsaken alone. 

We believe in you holding our life and dreams forever.


Salaam, Peace,

Milad Vosgueritchian, Co-Founder and Director of Peace and Justice Education, House of Hope Vision School

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