Practicing Nonviolence

# Practicing nonviolence and nurturing self esteem


Practicing Nonviolence & Nurturing Self Esteem

At House of Hope Vision School, we believe peace cannot exist without justice. That’s why our core values of equality, responsibility, and solidarity are central to our approach to nonviolence education for Palestinian children growing up under Occupation.

House of Hope students learn Compassionate Communication, a healing approach to conflict resolution that gives them the skills to deepen their connection with themselves and others and nonviolently advocate for their right to live in peace and freedom.

Thanks to your support, our students also learn about peace and justice leaders throughout history, such as Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa. We teach them peace and justice education principles of democracy, gender equality, human rights, environmental responsibility, Palestinian history and heritage, and solidarity with other oppressed people.

Beloved Community

Every student participates in House of Hope’s “Beloved Community” curriculum, which examines seven universal spiritual themes that are found in the three Abrahamic religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Students also learn about Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the importance of reconciliation through forgiveness.

Creative expression is threaded through all of our lessons as a way to actively engage students in mind, body, and spirit. Giraffe and jackal puppets are used to introduce the students to NVC. The giraffe represents communication with compassion and empathy, while the jackal represents when fear and judgement block compassion.

As our students find unique ways to explore and engage their emotions, they are equipped to integrate these lessons as a path toward internal healing of trauma that in turn leads to an ability to engage with their peers and communities with confident compassion.

House of Hope Student Pledge

Recited by House of Hope students at the start of every school day

  • May I be a nonviolent person in the footsteps of those who fought for love, like Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Abdul Ghaffar Khan, and other great prophets who refused to obey injustice, murder, and racism.
  • I promise to love my country, my school, and my neighbors.
  • I will be nonviolent with myself and not put hate in my heart. 
  • I will put love where there is hate, forgiveness where there is abuse, and agreement where there is dispute.
  • I will have faith where there is doubt and search for light where there is darkness and find joy where there is hopelessness.
  • O Lord, use me as an agent of peace and to respect every human being different from me in belief, color, ethnicity, and religion. 
  • Use me for peaceful resistance and help me walk a path toward freedom, dignity, and independence. 
  • The most honored before God is the most faithful.

“House of Hope believes that peace is not an impossible mission to achieve. We believe peace starts by creating schools that are an oasis of loving human connection where our kids can feel secure.”

Milad Vosgueritchian // Co-founder and Chairman //


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