Training Teachers

# Trauma-informed education is the global norm for educating children living in crisis zones.

Training Trauma-Informed Teachers

“A teacher goes to class not to educate the child but to educate themself.” - Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf

Trauma-informed education

Trauma-informed education is the global norm for educating children living in crisis zones. Yet due to lack of resources for teacher training in Palestine, it has made few inroads.

House of Hope is filling this gap. Led by Waldorf Education Director Manar Wahhab, House of Hope partners with international and local education leaders to design teacher training. These programs empower teachers in the West Bank who hold the skills and passion for educating the next generation but have had limited access to training.

Whether in the form of one-on-one coaching, weekly group continuing education training, or multi-day intensive seminars from international education leaders, House of Hope teachers gain valuable skills that elevates their communal standing and earning potential.

Teachers and Mentors

At House of Hope, our teachers are not only educators, but mentors whose embodiment of patience and peace flows through the environment, and in turn—through our students. 

"At House of Hope we are almost all women. We are our community’s mothers, grandmothers, and wives. Our teacher training is holistic in nature so we can bring our most integrated, empowered selves to the classroom.”-  Manar Wahhab

As we cultivate an environment of peace and nonviolence, we understand the critical role our teachers play and invest in their training with intention and purpose that empowers them not only as educators but as leaders in their communities as well.

At House of Hope, We are a Team

We are linked by a shared commitment to our own internal growth, our belief in the power of education to shape a generation of leaders and a new way of life, and our desire to see the beloved community found right here in Palestine as a recognized and integral part of a greater, global community.

At House of Hope, we are family.


“The most important characteristics of a House of Hope teacher are compassion and self-awareness. Self-development is at the center of our educational style. We are holistically minded teachers, so we must be knowledgeable about many aspects of life.”

Manar Wahhab Vosgueritchan // Co-founder of House of Hope and Educational Director //

“I love House of Hope because it is giving me the chance to have a teaching profession. It is exposing me to unique school activities and new ways of learning. I also love House of Hope because it merges disabled kids with non-disabled kids. We integrate our classrooms, which is not common in Palestine.”

Doha // Director of Elementary Education //


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