Palestine Beats


Amplifying the voices of emerging Palestinian artists through music.

Palestine Beats helps young Palestinians growing up under Occupation express themselves and the trauma they face through music production and empowered communication. Under the guidance of Teaching Artist Valerie Orth and Program Director Milad Vosgueritchian, participants will get an introduction to beatmaking, songwriting, and compassionate communication skills over a period of ten weeks. Each class will feature interactive lessons and a chance for participants to share and receive feedback on their work. The course will culminate in a celebration where participants can share their songs with family, friends, and the community, and present their work to a panel of judges from Berklee College of Music.


How You Can Support Palestine Beats 


Thanks to our supporters and the Berklee Faculty Fellowship, we've raised nearly all the funds needed for our Winter 2022/2023 session of Palestine Beats. With your help, we can raise seed funds for the next session of Palestine Beats in 2023/2024! Please consider a donation using the form below, and if you’re interested in some program merch, you can buy a Palestine Beats T-Shirt or Palestine Beats Tote, and a portion the proceeds go to Palestine Beats!



If you'd like to lend your mixing & video editing skills, we'd love your help in putting together a final recording and performance production at the end of the 10-week session. If you have these tech skills and want to lend a hand, please contact us at


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Milad Vosgueritchian, chairman of Vision Association for Culture and Arts and its House of Hope Vision School

Milad Vosguertichian, a Palestinian resident of Al Eizariya, chairman of Vision Association for Culture and Arts and its House of Hope Vision School, is an educator, community organizer, and NGO director with expertise in nurturing changemakers. Milad inspires Palestinian youth to embrace empowered communication, builds bridges between communities, and puts vocational training within reach for low-income Palestinian women. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Human Rights and Nonviolence from AUNOHR University in Lebanon. As a consultant for the Rossing Center for Education and Dialogue, Milad worked extensively in empowered communication education for Palestinian youth. A public speaker seasoned in facilitating cross-cultural and interfaith encounters, he has extensive knowledge of Jerusalem's communities.

Valerie Orth, Assistant Professor at Berklee College of Music and Palestine Beats Teaching Artist

Valerie Orth is a professional music producer, songwriter, educator, and justice activist. She is an Assistant Professor in the Songwriting Department at Berklee College of Music, teaching music technology and production, and is the recipient of the Berklee Faculty Fellowship 2022-2023 for Palestine Beats. As a multi-genre independent artist, Valerie released several albums and toured throughout the US, while writing for music publishing companies such as Warner Chappell Music. As an educator and activist, she co-led the NYC chapter of Beats By Girlz, empowering the next generation of women and gender expansive people through music and tech. Valerie developed and ran beatmaking intensives at various high schools, and co-founded BKLYN Song Camp, a music production and songwriting virtual camp for youth that focuses on building co-writing, collaboration and communication skills.

Reem Khatib, Palestine Beats Community Outreach & Tech Coordinator


Reem Khatib, a Palestinian, holds a Bachelor's Degree in English literature and translation and is currently completing her Master's Degree in Sociology. She is an English teacher for beginners, a freelance interpreter, and a volunteer. Passionate about arts in general, she developed an interest for music since a very young age, she is familiar with multiple musical instruments, and is a participant of building/unbuilding listenings workshop, working with Ableton software. Reem is looking forward to leaving a print on her hometown, Al Eizariya. 

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